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Starship S29 + B11 Bundle

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How will you receive the models?

The STARSHIP will be fully assembled .

The BOOSTER will be shipped in a kit to avoid problems during shipping, don't worry, there are few pieces and very simple to glue , instructions will also be provided.



Immerse yourself in the ultimate space adventure with the "Starship S28 + B10", an exclusive package that brings together the best of modern exploration technology and the promise of the space age of the future. This package is a celebration of space engineering, offering not only a detailed replica of the revolutionary Starship S28, but also its B10 booster. , creating an unprecedented collecting experience.

The Starship S28 is at the center of this set, a miniature model that embodies the vision of interplanetary travel and daring missions. With every finely crafted detail, from the aerodynamic structure to the reflective paintwork, this replica captures the essence of the vehicle designed to take humanity beyond known boundaries.

Alongside the Starship, the B10 booster represents power and innovation. This crucial component, which enables liftoff and ascent through the Earth's atmosphere, is reproduced with meticulous attention to detail, from the massive engines to the dynamic control surfaces.

Together, the "Starship S28 + B10" is not just a set of collectible models; it is an invitation to dream of exploration and discovery, a tribute to the persistence of human ingenuity in space exploration.

Add to your collection to inspire and amaze, a symbol of what we can achieve when we reach for the stars.

Measurements and details

  • Height: 86 cm / 24 inches
  • Amplitude: 15 cm / 7 inches
  • Depth: 15 cm / 7 inches
  • Weight: 500g

Materials and preparation

This model, the result of the advanced technology of FDM printing in PLA plastic, ensures exceptional print quality thanks to premium settings.We dedicate extended time to printing to guarantee you a superior quality product, bringing technological innovation directly to your home.

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Terms of payment

You can pay by credit card, with PayPal, in installments via Klarna or PayPal in installments.

How is it made?

This product is 3D printed using FDM printing technology in PLA (Plastic). Our printers offer very high printing quality. Subsequently, it is masked and painted.

Production times

Since the products are tailored hand-made by our artisans, production times may vary. In this case, the following are required:

Shipping in 3 / 7 days

Recommended by Marcus House

Great models for exposition and demonstrations. Perfect scale to make everyone happy at reasonable prices. Happy to contribute to this project.

YouTuber expert about "space stuff"

Frequent questions

Product information

How are the models built?

Through 3D printing process and manual post production. Namely painting, sanding.

What is the difference between assembled models and assembly kits?

The assembled models are already completed and ready to be displayed right out of the packaging.

In contrast, assembly kits require manual assembly through a series of relatively simple steps to reach their final form.

This design choice for the kits is motivated by the need to optimize shipping and minimize the risk of damaging more fragile parts of the model during transport.

Can 3D printing perform well in real life?

The yield of 3D printing varies based on several factors, but we can assure you that our 3D models are of high quality.

This is due to the use of excellent printers , optimal configurations and first choice materials .

For premium and resin models , we also implement a meticulous finishing process that includes sanding, painting and particular attention to detail, thus guaranteeing a final result of considerable value.

Purchase and use

Are these products suitable for children?

Our products are primarily intended for an adult audience as collector's items and are not recommended for use by children.

Due to their delicate nature, they can break if dropped.

Additionally, they include small, sharp parts that pose a choking hazard if swallowed. They are created to be admired as display pieces and are not intended to be used as toys.

Are glue and instructions included in the kits?

Yes, for the kit version models both the glue and the instructions necessary for assembly are included.

We do not recommend using Attak while it is better to use gel glue. Given our experience with this type of product, we will include the most suitable glue in the kit for free.

Is it necessary to be an expert in modeling to assemble the kits?

No, our models are also suitable for beginners. It's difficult to make mistakes and the assembly process takes just a few minutes.

Shipping and new arrivals

What does production and shipping times mean?

For our products not immediately available in stock, production only begins after receiving the order, which may take additional working days to complete.

You will find specific details on production times in the descriptive section located at the top below the product images.

Once the production process is complete, we will proceed with shipping. To determine the total time it will take for the product to arrive at your home, you will need to add the production times to the indicated shipping times.

What to do if I live in a country not covered by shipping?

If there is no shipping to your address from the site you can contact us via email, chat below or telephone 3421654942.

We will try to ship the product to you anyway considering the shipping costs.

Are there any new models coming?

We are always thinking about new models to develop. To ensure you don't miss any, sign up for the newsletter.

If you have proposals on models that you would like in our store you can write to us and we will take your idea into great consideration.

We want to offer the best possible service to our community.